Instant Messaging

Advance chat with offline message, online presence indicator, push notification, location sharing, send picture/audio/video/files, create group chat, and manage history.

Geo-Localized Map

See everything on the vibeo interactive blockchain map, your friends, nearby people, merchants that accept crypto currencies, as well as points of interest!

Crypto Wallet

Transfer your BTC,ETH,LTE and other cryptocurrency from your wallet to your vibeo e-wallet and send money among community members, including registered merchants.


Get access to a whole blockchain economy thanks to our geo-localized map. Pay or send money to friends or merchants with the integrated crypto wallet.

Nearby Members

See nearby people around your location, add them as friends and interact with them.


See shops, merchants, hotels, restaurants, bars and points of interest around you on the vibeo map.


See the official vibeo guide people while you are visiting a city, they will help you if needed!


Press the Alert button when you need help, your picture will be shown with a red circle on the map


Pay merchants or other vibeo members with crypto currencies thanks to our integrated wallet.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. Long term or short term, hold your assets safely.


Seamlessly shift between digital currencies/assets on the go. Exchange when needed.


Cutting edge security, user privacy, and ease of use are at the foundation of the vibeo app.


As Vibeo members increase their involvement inside the ecosystem, rewards and bonuses will be distributed to the top members


Each user that brings friends, colleagues and family members to download Vibeo and confirm their phone number, will receive VBEO tokens as reward.


You may add stars to people, a kind of rating system for your customers, clients, colleagues or contractors, as you wish to use it!


For super users and top members of vibeo community, you may earn trophies! Depending on your involvment and help in the community.


Vibeo is a highly advanced IM app platform with fantastic features, ready for crypto and blockchain era.

Live Chat

Advance chat with offline message, online presence indicator, push notification, location sharing, send picture/audio/video/files, create group chat, and manage history.

Audio/Video Call

Communicate with high quality voice/video calls thanks to our best-in-class network infrastructure. Vibeo is owning and hosting it's own server/network infrastructure.

Tags/Groups Chat

Easiy create group chat and add selected people. Add tags, comments and stars to sort/arrange your contacts, easily manage family/friends/colleagues and other members.


Manage a mini timeline blog, upload pictures or videos and write down a small article to save memorable moments, select and share them with your family and friends.


See everything on vibeo interactive map, your friends, nearby people, merchants that accept crypto, as well as points of interest!. Share real-time location details to guide others.

Safe Trip

Enable this feature when you are travelling, your road trip location will be saved every 5 minutes and send to a user/group of your choice for safety sake.


Crypto ATM locations


Vibeo members





App Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of actual Vibeo app (v3.1) already available on AppStore and Google Play.

Meet The Team

Highly skilled people to manage an awesome project! Here is the dream team!

Eric Sebastien Dechaux

Founder and CEO

Kalin Tsekov


James Long


Angelina Borisova


Miroslava Ivanova


Amarbat Oyunbileg

iOS and Android dev

Mikhail Sidorov

Sys Admin

Ivo Dimchev

Social Media Manager

Vibeo API

For merchants and partners that wish to offer their services/products into our Geo-localized map and worldwide blockchain community for a yearly fee:


  • Your shop/product icon on the map
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Year fee
  • 0% Commission
Start now


  • Your shops/products icon on the map
  • up to 99 locations
  • 1 Year fee
  • 0% Commission
Start now

Worldwide brand

  • All your shops/agencies on the map
  • unlimited locations
  • 1 Year fee
  • 0% Commission
Start now

Download vibeo now!

Download vibeo app for your iPhone or Android device, the actual version is v3.1.

Available on App Store

Available on Google Play


If you don't find your answer here, please contact us and we will reply you quickly.

What is Vibeo?

Vibeo is a social/im app inspired by the most famous and succesful app of all time, named WeChat. We have implemented new features and more are coming in the near future, such as access to a Worldwide blockchain economy and community.

What unique features are planned?

Vibeo incorporates all the powerful features of a traditional im app but will soon include unique features such as a crypto wallet, a blockchain based map, a safe trip feature and many more to come with next versions.

Is Vibeo a Dapp?

Not yet, however the code is already portable between iOS and Android, we have implemented our own infrastructure that will soon be decentralized with xmpp nodes all around the world. For the blockchain map we are working with a partner and the map will work with Ethereum. The next version, Vibeo v4 will be powered by blockchain.

Who is behind Vibeo?

Vibeo is a real project, coming all the way from v1 to a very powerful v3.1. We have developed Vibeo from scratch (not using any existing SDK or chat cloud provider platform) so we own our code 100%. We are a team of about 20 people, mostly from Bulgaria but with some people from all around the world, pationate and dedicated to this amazing project!

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or partnership request.

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